“An asana has two facets, pose and repose.”
BKS Iyengar
  • I have studied yoga under Mary's discerning eyes for a number of years. I appreciate the intelligence that she brings to her teaching not only through her deep understanding of the body process, but through her ability to communicate her knowledge of the core principles of Iyengar yoga to her students. Her teaching is informed by her advanced training and career as an exercise physiologist, and by her decades long devotion to the study of Iyengar Yoga as evidenced by her Level III (formerly Junior Intermediate III) CYIT certification. I value her explanations of the use of asana to integrate the mind, body and breath that she weaves into her teaching. This approach leaves me feeling grounded and more receptive to the connections she artfully pieces together each class. Her keen intuition, effervescent personality, and dynamic ability to precisely convey her ideas has successfully translated from the studio setting to her on-line presence. She is welcoming to students of all levels. Through her empathy, warmth and encouragement, she has developed a dedicated following of devoted practitioners.

    Evelyne Baumrucker

  • One of the silver linings in the changes brought about by the Covid pandemic is the opportunity to re-establish my practice of Iyengar yoga after a 10-year pause caused by the departure of a local teacher. I am blessed to be studying with Mary Pappas-Sandonas whose knowledge, sensitivity, patience and passion are making me excited once again to come to class (particular on those mornings where my mind says “no way”) and practice daily! Thanks Mary, what a tonic for my soul! It’s soo amazing what you can observe in those little “Zoom” squares we occupy, and how accurate your instructions and gentle corrections can be!

    Gregg Lichtenstein

  • I have had the joy of studying under Mary for a few years now. As a regular yoga practitioner for 16+ years, I look very carefully for teachers to study with--for me, it is critical that they bring a level of nuance, understanding, and deep structural knowledge to their teaching. Mary brings this in spades, alongside a warmth and humor that shines in every class, both online and in-person. She has helped me push my practice and grow, and has also offered a sweet home to return my practice to each Saturday morning. Her genuine caring and love for both the practice and her students is evident from the moment you join a class. I cannot say this enthusiastically enough--sign up for Mary today! She is the teacher you have been seeking!

    Kate McNamee Ireland

  • I have been one of Mary’s students for over 10 years.The reward to effort is exponential. Before you realize it, you will approach your own practice with the same curiosity, lightness, and laughter that Mary brings to every class she teaches. In time, attitudes you develop in class will spill over into your life outside class. The process is nothing short of miraculous.

    Sari Hornstein

  • Mary Pappas-Sandonas is an incredibly dedicated and joyous teacher who brings her extensive knowledge of Iyengar yoga and philosophy, as well as experience as a practitioner and teacher who has studied with the Iyengars, to every class. Her in depth training in physiology allows her to truly support all students in every phase of their yoga journey. She carefully works with individual physical limitations, so that yoga can be a foundation from which to heal and grow.

    Jacquie Moen

  • Mary is rigorous and attentive, but also warm and playful. Her classes are inspiring and engaging. I feel lucky to have her as a teacher!