PRY | Pose Repose Yoga

The Magic Behind the Name

“An asana has two facets, pose and repose.” “After acting, reflect on what you have done.”
BKS Iyengar

This iconic expression, elegantly phrased by BKS Iyengar, establishes how to practice an asana. It continues to be a source of inspiration in my decades of asana practice and teaching. It implies a circular process, an on-going dynamic balancing between Posing, an action requiring physical and mental effort to do the pose, and Reposing, the relaxation and release of tension while in the pose.

Posing and reposing is an act of self-inquiry and self-study. Through continual observation, analysis, reflection and re-adjustment, we maintain the pose while actively seeking and refining the pose to experience this balance. This reflection allows us to skillfully refine the alignment with precision in the body. We discover that this physical alignment brings clarity and order to our mind. Our mind connects with the stretch of the body and we experience integration of mind and body. We become more sensitive, our intellect more discerning, and we feel and adjust the pose accordingly.

Through this process we move closer to our Higher Self, our soul—that pure inner energy—and to merging, integrating, with Source itself. Posing and reposing in each asana guides us to the essential heart of asana practice. What begins as a physical practice evolves into a spiritual one, each with their benefits, their fruits. We dig deeper inward, and look more closely and inquisitively while maintaining the pose. We PRY through the layers of our being with sharpened awareness into our deepest Self. We detach from fear and desire, and accept what our body can do as well as its limitations—as we practice with reverence. We extract the Truth.

Eventually, we come to an equilibrium where pose and repose harmoniously work together, balancing effort and effortlessness while in the pose. In this optimal pose, and more importantly, within ourself, we rest within the silence and tranquility of our unveiled true nature of pure consciousness. We feel the oneness within ourself and with all as we uncover our true potential to be shared with the world. In honor of this continual, personal source of intelligent inquiry, curiosity and inspiration, I give you Pose Repose Yoga, PRY.