Pranayama in the Iyengar Method


Pranayama, the yogic practice of breathing continues to build upon the skills first developed in asana practice of self-observation and profound awareness of the body, mind and self through the techniques of breath observation and control.

In the Iyengar method of pranayama, the body is positioned in basic, supported lying down and seated positions. As in asana, various props will be utilized in each of the levels of pranayama to create support and openings in the body for the breath and energy to flow.

This Iyengar course is progressive, specific and builds upon the basic positions and techniques of pranayama in each of the levels. It is strongly advised to begin with Pranayama I.

Established daily pranayama practice is highly encouraged within all levels.

  • 3-5 (firm) yoga blankets
  • 2 blocks
  • 2 belts
  • backless yoga chair
  • eye wrap

PRANAYAMA I begins our practice of breathing techniques to those interested in working with the breath and provides an opportunity to move beyond the elementary levels incorporated into regular asana classes. All pranayama techniques in Level I will be done in a supported supine position. Introduction to beginning Ujjayi and Viloma breaths in a lying down position will be covered. Development of a pranayama daily home practice is supported for this and all levels. PRE-REQUISITE: One year study and practice of asana in the Iyengar method or a comparable method.

PRANAYAMA II involves continued refinement of lying down Ujjayi and Viloma pranayama. Introduction to seated pranayama at the end of the session, seated Ujjayi and Viloma breaths, Jalandhara bandha, and reclining Bhramari Ia and Ib. PRE-REQUISITE: Pranayama I

PRANAYAMA III offers continuation and refinement of pranayama techniques introduced in Pranayama I and II. Refinement of proper sitting position and introduction to Viloma V, Bhramari IIa and IIb, and Kapalabhati. PRE-REQUISITE: Pranayama I and II or comparable Iyengar pranayama experience.

PRANAYAMA IV supports refinement of seated pranayama. Introduction to Digital Pranayama,Kumbhaka, Anuloma and Sanmukhi mudra. PRE-REQUISITE: Pranayama I, II, III or comparable Iyengar pranayama experience.

PRANAYAMA V involves deepening the practice of kumbhakas and digital pranayama. Introduction of Mula Bandha. PRE-REQUISITE: Completion of Pranayama IV or by permission of teacher.